Client Reviews

A call to Mr. Sulzer came after I was denied my concealed carry permit. This denial was not an accurate depiction of who I am, but I needed to effectively communicate that to a board who knew nothing about me. Prior to talking with Steve, I reached out to multiple attorneys, but following our conversation I was sure about my decision to allow him to represent me. I needed someone who took on my case as their own, passionate about their work, but also extremely good at what they do. I truly got that and more.

Mr. Sulzer walked me through the process by explaining the steps of my appeal, presenting my options, and advising based on the pros/cons of each. At no time did I feel uncomfortable or “out of the loop”. He was extremely resourceful, informative, and moved at a comfortable pace, while being personable, down to earth, and just easy to get along with.

 One of the things that stood out to me was that Mr. Sulzer put into action the words he spoke. Very simply put; if he said he would do something, it got done. I could rely on him throughout the entire process. He delivered a finished product that was not loosely crafted, but one that he constantly reviewed and revised to perfection.

I am grateful to have worked with Mr. Sulzer. Yes, I won my appeal!! I walked away with my permit knowing I had the best attorney to represent me.

Thanks Steve!!